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Unlike typical ERP solutions that often rely heavily on the integration of add-on programs to support specific industries, OSMAXX is ready for use in distribution, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and services industries.

Find out below how OSMAXX can help your specific industry, or register for a webcast to see OSMAXX in action for your industry.


Service Industries

For advertising, consulting, engineering, equipment rental, IT / software, maintenance & repair service companies:

To deliver high-quality services on time and in the budget, you need total control over your project and services output.

With features tailored to the needs of the professional service companies, OSMAXX is your complete Service Management System and enterprise project management software that helps simplify management of service, maintenance and project management activities to deliver effortless customer services.

OSMAXX helps the service industry to:

  • Maximize staff productivity through improved resource management
  • Improve profit margins with simplified cost control and planning
  • Streamline contracts for greater visibility and better project risk management
  • Get advanced analysis of projects with a sophisticated central data store for all contracts
  • Track overall finances using accurate real-time information
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of equipment and rentals

On average, services companies achieve 35% incremental growth from the simple access to and effective use of data across the organization, along with 75% faster customer response times.


Manufacturing industries

For high-tech, industrial equipment, medical devices, and metal fabrication manufacturing companies:

Whether you make-to-order or order-to-cash; assemble pre-manufactured goods or simply repackage or relabel products, you need a complete Manufacturing Management System or MRP in order to run a lean and efficient warehouse and shop floor.

Designed to support the dynamics of manufacturing, OSMAXX business management solution is more flexible than typical MRP or ERP solutions. It continuously adapts to manufacturing modes and business needs, to improve operational efficiency. 

OSMAXX helps manufacturers:

  • Eliminate production bottlenecks and achieving greater product and process consistency
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience by responding rapidly and accurately with product costing and pricing
  • Track material consumption and production time with automated data collection handhelds
  • Control the shop floor with single-site, single-product analysis
  • Ensure products meet or exceed the high standards of customers, and adapt to compliance requirements
  • Achieve Extensive lot, sub-lot and serial number traceability through retail management

On average manufacturing companies achieve 73% increased productivity and 75% faster process cycle time in manufacturing.


Process manufacturing industries

For chemicals cosmetics, food & beverage, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies:

Drive productivity with greater consistency

Constantly changing regulations, customer demands and high development costs make it difficult for process manufacturers to achieve product and process consistency.

Managing multiple ingredients, formulas and chemicals is no easy task, but OSMAXX improves efficiency, drives productivity and promotes compliance.

OSMAXX helps process manufacturers to:

  • Work to lean manufacturing principles by managing the entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively
  • Reduce cost and minimize waste by using real-time information to manage inventory
  • Minimise the risk of product recall by ensuring compliance with regulatory, quality and safety standards
  • Manage and track changes to formulas, recipes and lifecycle and development costs

On average, manufacturing companies achieve 75% faster process cycle time and 57% faster inventory turns.


Wholesale, distribution and international trade

For retail, wholesale and transport & logistics companies:

As a company involved in the sale, supply and service of goods, distributors are facing increasing demands from customers and suppliers.

Designed to meet the needs of B2B and B2C companies, in both the retail and wholesale industries, locally and internationally, OSMAXX combines advanced distribution, warehousing, CRM, and accounting functionality to help you remain in control of your goods.

Much more flexible than traditional ERP solutions, and featuring the capabilities of both retail management software and distribution software, OSMAXX is a complete business management solution.

OSMAXX helps wholesalers and distributors to: 

  • Strike a balance between demand and supply planning, whilst minimizing inventory levels
  • Deliver better customer service with higher on-time delivery performance
  • Share common data and processes between different foreign sites or subsidiaries
  • Increase mobility with on-the-go visibility into customers, stock, past purchases, quotes, promotions and conditions

On average, wholesale and distribution companies achieve 16% reduction in administrative costs and 75% faster process cycle time.


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