• Enterprise business management software, available in public or private cloud or on-premise
  • Simpler, faster and more flexible than traditional ERP systems
  • Enterprise-class industry-specific functionality across web and mobile platforms

Faster, simpler and more flexible than your typical ERP system

A single scalable solution to manage growth

Increase your growth rate on a global scale by managing your business better. OSMAXX helps improve collaboration across divisions & countries with multiple sites, languages and legislations.

Get more done, faster

OSMAXX is a business management solution that accelerates your core business processes: manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financial management.

Available across any device

OSMAXX is available on any device - mobile, tablet or web - regardless of how you choose to host it, so your employees can input and access the same real-time data from anywhere.

Instant business intelligence: instant decisions

Evaluate risks and monitor performance in real-time: our business management software consolidates all core business processes into one solution, giving you insight into every business aspect.

Host it how you want it

One technology, one user experience, one functional set, one roadmap. OSMAXX can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud or on-premise, whichever suits your business best.

Customer satisfaction: a guarantee

Assign the right resources, automate contracts, manage projects closely and give customer facing teams the information they need to achieve the best customer service levels.

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