Sales process management

Reduce time spent on admin for your sales team, by creating an easy to adhere to sales process.


  1. Manage quotes, contracts, blanket orders, orders, inventory allocation, delivery scheduling, shipping, returns, and invoicing
  2. Use a customised product configurator
  3. Carry out credit checking and customer ratings
  4. Create your own matrix of pricing rules
  5. Calculate sales commissions
  6. Track and manage all open items
  7. Create your own cash collection process
  8. Manage customer reminders

With ERP access across any device, including mobile, your Sales team can manage all of the above on-the-go. OSMAXX also integrates with OSMAXX CRM. This business management to CRM integration gives complete end-to-end sales and marketing visibility; much more than a typical ERP system can handle.


Inventory management

Ideal for distribution, retail and wholesale businesses; simply and easily manage your inventory and stock from movements and transactions to quality control and replenishment. With the inventory management and stock control system you will have:


A multi-level warehousing and location management system

Flexible location management so that you can use dedicated, suggested, or random storage for single or multiple item location

  1. Stock management by physical location, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and potency
  2. Inter-company, inter-site stock transfers and stock in transit management, enabling you to track lost damaged or stolen items
  3. Consigned inventory and third-party inventory
  4. Inventory replenishment with or without MRP
  5. Intra-company movements
  6. Forward and backward traceability
  7. Our business management solution has a variety of inventory costing methods

The all-new OSMAXX Inventory Advisor allows further improved profitability through in-depth forecasting and reduced stock-outs


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