With our network of expert OSMAXX Business Partners, you're only a phone call away from friendly, local help


High levels of support, adapted to you

Working with our highly experienced and knowledgeable network of OSMAXX Business Partners, you'll benefit from our shared passion for delivering outstanding levels of service. With OSMAXX, you'll receive:

  • Specialist consultancy
  • Invaluable advice
  • Expert counsel
  • A range of consultancy and support services
  • Localised support and service so that you're only a phone call away from expert, local help

Support and training based on your needs

OSMAXX is delivered and supported directly through OSMAXX and our accredited Business Partner Channel. With its open architecture and development environment, OSMAXX is:

  • Easy for businesses of all sizes to adopt
  • Customisable, adaptable and scalable
  • Simple to set up and support

Find out more about the high quality support and training our Business Partners provide.

Up-to-date, optimised ERP software

As a committed business management solution supplier, our products are constantly reviewed and optimised to ensure that our customers are using the very best software for the job. We regularly release new versions and keep our customers informed every step of the way. Our upgrade services help you to:

  • Manage software upgrades at a time that suits you
  • Add additional modules and advanced features whilst keeping up to date with the latest version
  • Ensure you’re achieving the best results from your investment in business management software

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